How Does O-D Stack Up vs the Competition?

Posted on 2016-10-19

How Does O-D Stack Up vs the Competition?

Today on the Offense-Defense Blog we're going to be discussing the main differences between our Football Training Programs and those of our competition.

There are many important things that set us apart from other local and national camp-focused companies, and knowing these differences is going to be crucial in making the right choice when deciding where to focus your time following this season.

O-D: At Offense-Defense we build our coaching staff from the highest level of talent available, from D1 College coaches to current and retired NFL veterans. In fact, O-D is one of the top employers of football coaches during the off-season each year. Competition: Local youth and sometimes high school coaches, usually parents of one of the campers.
O-D: We rank players on the camp level, regionally, and nationally at each one of our events throughout the year. Beyond simply a name and number on a list, this provides valuable feedback to the players and family about where they stand compared to the competition. Competition: No rankings.
O-D: Offense-Defense uses a hybrid of Pro Style evaluations, as well as a proprietary, dynamic algorithm we've developed over the last 47 years of training Youth, High School, and College level athletes. Many of players we have trained have even used our evaluations as part of their applications for College athletic programs. Competition: No evaluations or occasionally an abridged review of limited value.
O-D: We offer a variety of postseason events in the fall, including tournaments within our own football league (ODFL), as well as the biggest event of them all, the Offense-Defense All-American Bowl, which has been held in such esteemed venues as AT&T Stadium (Cowboys, Dallas), NRG Stadium (Texans, Houston), Citrus Bowl Stadium (various Bowl Games, Orlando), and many more over the last 11 years. Competition: No postseason options, or transparently profit-based pay-to-play tournaments.
O-D: Varying levels of contact, in compliance with local High School Association rules, and tailored to the specific training the athlete is receiving, including full-contact, modified-contact, and non-contact, with the health and safety of each athlete being our #1 priority ALWAYS. Competition: Non-contact training, which leads to much higher risk of injury and concussion during practices and gametime.
College Scouts
O-D: Our high profile events all feature dozens of college scouts from local and regional programs, we well as a variety of recruiting organization who report to athletic departments nationally. Competition: No college scouts or recruiters.
O-D: The first step of getting a scholarship is getting recruited. Every football program has different ways of handing out their scholarships, and we'll connect you with the right Coaches and Athletic directors within our personnel network to help you make your college dreams a reality. Competition: No scholarship assistance.

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