What every parent needs to know about concussions in football

Posted on 2016-02-17

What every parent needs to know about concussions in football

Concussions in football are a real danger - one that can be overblown by an increasingly hysterical and deceptive media narrative. Other activities - anything from direct participation sports such as soccer and cheerleading to more passive acts like riding in a car - provide their own concussion risks but don't have quite the same intense scrutiny due to their reduced rate of portrayal and consumption in media. Football is the most popular sport of the American athletic landscape. It's a story to demonize it and stories sell.

There are ways to significantly reduce or prevent the risk of head injury in football which mostly boil down to receiving the proper training on how to SAFELY hit and take a hit. Instruction should focus from the very start on proper head and body placement on the approach and at the point of contact to emphasize effective, SAFE tackling.

Concern for a young athlete's well-being is smart and warranted. That concern should never stop them from participating and excelling in an activity they love. Offense-Defense Camps have developed drills and curriculum to not only get the most out of and improve football players, but to keep them as SAFE as possible the entire time they play. That's why injury-risk among Offense-Defense trained athletes is lower across the board than in those football players who have gone without that instruction.

Athletes can play football safely and effectively. O-D will make it happen.